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How to make RF433MHz Antenna (Elab Industrial)

how to make a rf433mhz antenna

wire: 19g /24 inch /28 turns x 2
Receiver: length 3 inch
Transmitter: length 1.8 inch
diameter: 5mm


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Half wave whip antenna for 433MHz. RCHacker #36

This design (hack) is flawed as Rob has kindly pointed out below. I came to the same conclusion when tuning this antenna. Turns out that the optimum length for the best RSSI is well below a quarter wavelength, but as the design is bad I will build something else for the TX.

Marc builds a half wave whip antenna to improve on the poor ones that came with his openlrs (long range 433MHz) system.

433MHz RF Module range improvement: antenna

DIY antenna to improve the range of your generic UCEC XY-MK-5V / XY-FST 433Mhz RF Transmitter and Receiver Module

Antenna instructions:





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