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An Unexpected Bargain: The Sherwood RX-4109 Stereo Receiver

If you are considering the purchase of a modern stereo receiver, here is one you really ought to look at. The Sherwood RX-4109 (or the recently discontinued Best Buy Insignia NS-R2000) stereo receiver is a heck of a deal for the money (less than $100 USD as of this writing). Although its power ratings are bit optimistic, this receiver still manages to put out some pretty good sound. It may be a little soft in the bass department, but the dimmable/blankable display, numerous inputs, decent remote control, dedicated phono input and strong power supply (complete with nice 'n heavy transformer) make this a receiver worthy of a long and hard look if you're in the market for a stereo receiver. I would say it compares very well to even much more expensive offerings.

Both of mine came from eBay. One was new in the box.This one was said to be "broken".

If there is anything wrong with this design, it would be the stingy heatsink that Sherwood chose to use for cooling the final power transistors. And an RDS decoder would have been nice, to make use of the fully alphanumeric display. (There's a plug in for this card on the main board, as the European versions of the RX-4109 have an RDS decoder.)

Sherwood has a tremendous OEM business and a long history. They are making many of Pioneer's current-day stereo receivers, as well as those of others. And, perhaps rather amazingly, I did get service literature for this unit out of them after some bothering and asking.

The RX-4105 receiver is largely identical to the RX-4109/NS-R2000, but it lacks the phono input. With it, you get a "TV/VIDEO" line level input in place of the phono input.

New Sherwood RX 4109 Stereo

This bad boy sounds much better.

Sherwood RX4109 Stereo Receiver Amplifier USA By RadioShack

أمبليفير ماركة شيروود الأميركية
قدرة 105 وات لكل سماعة
للتوصيل بعدد 4 سماعات
مزود بتيونر عالي الدقة والإشارة ستريو مود
إمكانية تخزين 30 محطة بكل باند وإستدعاءهم بضغطة واحدة
الأمبليفير عالي القدرة مع حساسية مميزة بالصوت نظرا لثبات الهيرتز
الأمبليفير 120 فولت مع تردد 60 هيرتز ثابتة
ملحوظة // الوحدة تأتي بالترانس الأصلي الخاص بها
السعر للوحدة بالترانس 1400 جنيها
التواصل أسامة حامد

Sherwood RX-4109
Audio/Video Receiver Amplifier
Discrete Amplifier Stage (DAS)
((وحدة تكبير صوت منفصلة ))
Power Output 105Watts Per Front Chanel into 8ohm
Power Output 90Watts Per Rare Chanel into 8ohm
Frequency Response 10Hz to 80kHz
THD total Harmonic Distortion 0.01%
Audio/Video Feature
3Audio Input \u0026 2 Output
AM/FM Tuner
Quartz PLL Synthesized Digital Tuning
Auto Scan \u0026 Memory
Preset Scan for Quick Search
30 Station Presets
RDS Function (Europe Version)
Tone Direct
Bass/Treble Control
Balance Control
General Feature
Headphone Output Jack
Digital Encoder Volume Control
Fluorescent Display
System illumination Control
Sleep Timer
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 440 x 141 x 375 m
Weight (Net) : 8.4kg




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