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Apartment Tour! 300 sq. foot studio in NYC

Here are links to a lot of our furniture:
Transforming coffee table - http://geni.us/coffeetable
Murphy Bed - http://geni.us/wallbed
Framed Photos - http://bit.ly/FrameBridge-share
Blue Paint Pillow - http://bit.ly/BlueBombPillow
Swirly Pillow - http://bit.ly/ConfusionPillow
Pink \u0026 Black Pillow - http://bit.ly/YangPillow
Sleeper Sofa - http://bit.ly/sleeper-sofa
Rug - http://bit.ly/TerraceRug
Cabinet above tv - http://bit.ly/BestaGlossyWhite
Cabinet below tv - Discontinued from Ikea
Desks - http://bit.ly/sit-standdesk
Stools - http://bit.ly/office-stool
Book Shelf - http://bit.ly/ElfaShelf
Wardrobe - http://bit.ly/pax-wardrobe
File Cabinets - http://bit.ly/Drawer-Unit
Laptop Stand - http://geni.us/rooststand
Marble Contact Paper - http://geni.us/contactpaper
Towel Rail - http://bit.ly/towel-rail
Light Fixtures - http://bit.ly/cb2light
Get 15% off the CB2 drum light - http://bit.ly/Cb2share
Light Bulbs - http://geni.us/phillips
My hat - http://bit.ly/FakeHat
Our Skateboards - http://geni.us/BAjc

Join the Jensen AV Club on Patreon: http://jensenav.club

Our NYC Broker - http://bit.ly/Stephanie-Larsen

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My Socials
Instagram: https://instagram.com/codyjensen
Twitter: http://twitter.com/cody_jensen
Website: http://codyjensen.com
My clothing brand: http://fake.tm

Sarah's Socials
Instagram: https://instagram.com/sarah_jensen
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sarah_jensen
Website: http://sarahjensen.co

Free Money:
AirBnB - $40 in travel credit - http://bit.ly/airbnb-40

My Gear:
Vlog Camera - http://geni.us/DneGrX
Lens I have - http://geni.us/IEjAVt
Lens I want - http://geni.us/91xqr5
Microphone - http://geni.us/toaI2
Bendy Tripod - http://geni.us/XOOxwB
Drone - http://geni.us/8HBlxi
GoPro - http://geni.us/zdqSP
GoPro Vlog Kit -

My electric skateboard - http://geni.us/BAjc

NYC Apartment Tour!! 300 sq. foot Minimalist Studio

New York Apartment Tour! 300 sq foot minimalist studio apartment in Chelsea Manhattan! Fun tour of an apartment I rented out back in 2017 before I got into selling luxury real estate! Enjoy this tour in New York City with tips on tiny apartment living.

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Music: Epidemic Sound https://goo.gl/N5WJnj

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